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pablo lozano


My name is Pablo Lozano and I´m a Spanish Animator and Designer, currently based in London, UK. I grew up and studied in Madrid, and having worked some years in broadcast design, in 2013 I moved to the cold lands of Sweden to study motion graphics at Hyper Island. After graduation, I joined the amazing team at Golden Wolf in London for a 3 months intership, and ended up staying with them for 3 crazy years.

During my stay at Golden Wolf I have been fortunate enough to develop a wide range of skills and play roles that run the gamut of production, from concept development to final delivery. I also had the opportunity to work with clients such as Disney Channel, Ubisoft, Nike, Converse, Youtube, OWLSA, NBA and Adult Swim.

Constantly looking for new challenges, I´ve recently made the jump and started freelancing, keen to work and collaborate with new people, studios and clients, always striving to learn more and improve my skills in the process. I love telling stories and the best way I do so is through animation, specially 2D animation, both in After Effects and frame by frame, design and illustration.

So don´t be shy and if you have an exciting project you want to discuss, or just want to say hi, let´s get in touch!