Pablo Lozano · Animation & Design


Chain-a-mation! Shawn Hight, Ira Hardy and Kyle Martinez got to talking at Blend and came up with the idea to put together an animation collaboration project where you animate 1-2 seconds in 72h and pass it on to another animator… I got a frame from Mathijs Luijten and passed mine to Yino Huan.

Role: Illustrator, Animator




Shawn Hight
Ira Hardy
Kyle Martinez
Zak Tietjen
Alex Trimpe
Nick Schoener
Ignacio Osorio
Kirstin Smith
Henrique Barone
Yan Jamacaru
Mathijs Luijten
Pablo Lozano
Yino Huan
Mattias Breitholtz
Juan Behrens

Music: Tri-Tachyon - Little Lily Swing